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  bt365网址科技(北京)股份有限公司,成立于2010年,是国家级高新技术企业和中关村高新技术企业。公司致力于工业节能领域余热及可再生能源的综合利用,工业环保领域生化污水处理、烟气清洁、危废处理等清洁高效用能系统的技术研发 、技术咨询 、方案设计、设备研制 、投资建设 、运营管理等

Presence Energy Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as “Presence”), founded in 2010, is rated as National High-tech enterprise and Zhongguancun High-tech enterprise. The company mainly engaged in technology R&D, technical consultation, engineering design, equipment development, investment & construction and O&M for comprehensive utilization on waste heat and renewable energy of industrial energy conservation field, as well as clean and efficiency energy utilization of industrial energy protection field, such as biochemistry sewage treatment, flue gas clean, hazardous waste treatment and so on.

  贯彻“见路不走 — 实事求是,就事论事”365bet投注应用创新论,与百年历史的技术合作方德国科尔庭汉诺威股份公司联合组建的“365bet投注-科尔庭中德技术研发中心”,已为公司提供了20项(发明专利和软著)具有自主知识产权的专有技术。其中,“多级蒸汽喷射器抽真空技术”“热压机电厂凝汽器乏汽余热回收综合能效系统技术”“无级可调热压机组电厂工业供汽系统技术”等多项发明专利,已在大唐、华电、华能、国电、国华、晋能等电力集团的 40多个电厂成功应用。

Presence, carrying out application innovation theory of “seek roads from facts- be practical, be realistic”, co-established “Presence-Koerting Sino-German Technology R&D Center” together with technical partner, centurial history company German Koerting Hannover AG, which has already developed 20 items of patented technology with proprietary intellectual property rights. Including “Multistep Steam Ejector Vacuum Technology”, “Thermo-compressor Comprehensive Energy Efficiency System for Power Plant Condenser Exhausted Steam Recycling Technology”, “Stepless Control Thermo-Compressor Industrial Steam Supply System” and other invention patents have successfully applied in more than 40 power plants in major power groups, such as DATANG, HUADIAN, HUANENG, GUODIAN, GUOHUA, JINNENG, etc.